December 1935 from The Calls 1935-1943

Dec 6    Working on Christmas cards. Used Juniors snap shot I like so much inside, with "We send out youngest grandchild, Irv Jr with heartiest Holiday good wishes."Thurs 12  Started for Dunellen at 7:A.M. 323 miles. Arrived at 5:30. We returned home Dec. 19. Had a very pleasant time. Details in 1935 Diary. We, Charles and I, had a bad scare when our car turned at right angles and stopped at the double cable at the edge of the precipice. We left one post dangling. just a little while before I had said "It would be an unpleasant sensation to be falling over the mountain side, but I shouldn't expect to feel much when we got down." It was just before we reached Scranton. Men were sanding the road - it had been sanded except for a little space where we had our near accident, which seemed to be between gangs of men. I had said "Our government is pretty good to us to look out for us like this." I am not sure we ever got over the horror of this incident. Chr…

October - November 1935 from the Calls 1935-1943

October 1935Sat  Oct 5     Finished work at Akron, Charles home again. Sat 12      The Dellinger building in Batavia burned. November 1935Sat Nov 2   Chas. and I drove to Buffalo and brought E.F. and Sarah home with us. They stayed with us until the 6th. We went to the Annual Dutch Market supper at the Presbyterian Church, Le Roy, and they went home with Carrie and Frank Walkley. Thurs 7     There were 46 young fish in the pool and 5 old ones.Sun 10      Carrie's birthday. Chas and I, E.F. and Sarah with Carrie's children and grandchildren and Frances Covelle were there at Clarence Walkley's at a birthday partyFri Nov 15   Malvern begins work at 8 A.M. instead of 7, so we are to have breakfast at 6:30 instead of 6:10. I have been getting up at 5:30, lighting the kitchen fire, getting on  tea kettle and milk for cocoa, as He and E. take it for lunch. M and usually E put up lunch while I get breakfast. M gets E's car at the door, and tries to get out of the house at 6:2…

September 1935 from The Calls 1935-1943

September 1935
Mon Sept 2  Labor Day. I went to South side on an errand and two kittens and the puppy started to follow me home. I went back and asked Irving to call them off. He took a swatter and followed me to the road and drove them back. Louisa came over soon after, and with wonder in her eyes said "Why did Daddy chase you home?" We went to see Shirley Temple in Curly Top. Louisa wanted her mother to ask Shirley to come and play with her. Tues 3   Herbert entered Stafford School today. He went to the school east of us last year and paid tuition. Teacher Miss Jean Aldrich, later Mrs Wendall Call.Tues 24  Caucus. Howard Bell  nominated for Supervisor 195, Mr Blood 145. A.D. Call less than 60. Charles had a brush with Sanders, A.D. said the town committee had been picked beforehand. Charles retorted all the trouble was Sanders didn't pick them. People cheered. ---- Then Charles and I went to see Dr. Davis about some spots on Charles' cheek. Davis was out so we went…

July - August 1935 from The Calls 1935-1943

July 1935Thurs July 4    Evelyn and childrencame. August 1935Sat Aug 10    Frank Hankins came. We had a weiner roast with 29 of us here, but it was rainy and we had to have it in the house. And earlySun Aug 11  Evelyn's folks started toward Dunellen at 7:30Fri 16    Fair Week. Charles, who is now working in Akron, found me at the Fair and we were together the rest of the time. A good fair. Sun 18  Mrs. Della Jones, Malvern's step mother, came to visit us. She says Robert Jones was 12, Malvern 11, and James was 5 when she married Mr. Jones. Malvern seems very fond of her. I think she has been a real mother to her step children. 
Patty's notes on this entryEvelyn - Evelyn Clara Call (1895-1962) daughter of Charles Joslin Call (1859-1939) and Elizabeth Ann Coe (1862-1956). She married Francis William Hankins in 1920
Evelyn Clara Call with her children Ralph William, Elizabeth Ann and Philip Charles
Photo probably taken in the summer of 1931 Children - Ralph William Hanki…

June 1935 from The Calls 1935-1943

June 1935Sat June 8     Floyd Walkley married  in West VirginiaThurs June 20 Ingham Centennial Celebration. Fifty years to a day since Carrie and Clara were graduated. Three of the class of '83 present, Stephanie Wentworth Collins, Martha Prentice Smallwood and I. Albert and Jane Walkley's little daughter Deborah was born today Fri June 21  Edith's class, The Miller Class had an ice cream social. It was to have been on the Worthington lawn but it rained all day more or less, and steadily at night, and it was held in the barn. Arthur's Orchestra played "and I thought it sounded fine." "A very good turn out. Nearly all the available Calls."Sat 22   Edith's folks, with others they invited, went to the Cottage to clean and fix up. Malvern and Chas. included. Lucille took "aunt" May Hale and are to visit gardens, fee for benefit of Y.W.C.A. We visited Mrs Arthur Miner's, Mrs McCools (I had seen these before) Mrs Washburn's, the olde…

May 1935 from The Calls 1935-1943

May 1935Sun May 5    Frank Hankins came. He showed us some samples of goods he had and demonstrated his way of selling them. He gave a lecture at Cornell Wednesday. Tues 7   School meetings Olan Sheffer elected trustee at Stafford. Elbert Torrey without opposition at East Bethany, or Torrey district. May 30  Edith's folks started for Royal Oak about 3 A.M. Charles and I picked and arranged flowers for Mother and Father Call's graves and took them to the cemetery. I rode with Chas. to Akron where he delivered the sack of the cucumber seed. Had a fine 65 ct. dinner at Henley's Clarense  Then to a cattle auction, then to Grace Joslin Shaver's. Set out plants till dark. Very happy. A Red Letter Day. 
_______Patty's notes on this entryThere are no entries for April 1935 in the manuscript. Frank Hankins - Francis William Hankins (1897-1983) son of William Lucas Hankins (1872-1930) and Mary Jane Kellam (1874-1944) He married Evelyn Clara Call (1895-1962) daughter of Charl…

February - March 1935 from The Calls 1935-1943

February 1935Mon Feb 11.  Bought rug for our bedroom. But when dining room rug looked more worn, exchanged them. We used Golden Wedding money and $ 5.00 more. $ 30.00Thurs 14   Charles and I drove to Ithaca for Farmers' Week. Saw Mrs. Roosevelt and like her very much. I had been strangely prejudiced against her. The next day Charles heard Gov. Lehman, and said it was a good sensible address. I enjoyed the exhibits, beautiful and historic dresses, table setting, ways of using canned meats. Sat 16   Edith took Eileen to the hospital soon after eight, and at nine she was operated on for appendicitis. They say the appendix was diseased and would have given her trouble. Eileen was very brave, acted more as tho she was going to school than to the Hospital. Mon 18  Malvern started work for the Climax Corporation which makes threshing machines and other machinery Fri  22   Eileen home from Hospital, pale and weak but all right
March 1935Sun March 3    Working on Our RecollectionsSat 16   D…